iOS App Question

I have a student who put the WeVideo app on his personal iPad and logged in with his school account. When he goes into his school WeVideo account on his Chromebook, the footage on the iOS app didn’t sync up. Is there a trick I’m missing? Thanks!

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It’s like the old Ghostbusters quote: “Don’t cross the streams!”

Students can start edits on WeVideo on the iOS app, but they have to finish them there. Once finished, they can save them to some “communal” place, like a Google Drive folder, and then he can log in to his Chromebook and access the finished video there. You can’t start on one device and finish in another, if that makes sense?

We encountered this at my old elementary school, because we had iPads on a cart but 1:1 CBs… you can use one device or the other, but not both.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Beth! Not the answer I wanted but at least it makes sense.


One trick I have used with students is using iPads to FILM and take pictures, but then put all videos, pictures, etc. into a Google Drive folder using the Drive app on the iPad. Then, they can come over to their Chromebook and import all needed media for editing, collaborating, etc.

This is also a nice way to not fill up your iPad with video clips, which take up space.

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Not a bad idea. We typically film on iPad and upload directly to WeVideo but the Google Drive idea would be great for those kids working with personal devices. Thanks

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